Blueberry and Grixdale – MADCAP for The Epiphamy Event – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™

“What was that? I should kill everyone and escape? Sorry, it’s the voices. Ahaha, I’m kidding! That’s not what they really said.”
~ Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad
based on the DC Comics™ antihero team of the same name

Blueberry and Grixdale - MADCAP for The Epiphamy Event – by PetraLAlexander-Valerian©™


Collaboration by BLUEBERRY AND GRIXDALE – outfit/accessories
Madcap Gacha, mesh body compatible, 21 commons, 3 rares
1. Blueberry & Grixdale
Madcap Tattered top – Lara in Jester RARE for Maitreya
The Epiphany

2. Blueberry & Grixdale
Madcap Panties – Lara in Jester RARE for Maitreya The Epiphany

3. Blueberry & Grixdale
Madcap – Bat in Purple (Cosmetic) The Epiphany

HAIR by RunAway [RA] Harley in Ombres & Roots
TATTOO by RunAway [RA] Suicide squad harley tattoo
LIPSTICK by Madrid Solo Valentine Designs in Brave Hearts
SHOES by House of Hucci [HH] Juti Sneaker in Knights for Maitreya
BRACELET by [sYs] SOHO M2 in Silver

GLOVE by RealEvil Industries Raven Leather for Maitreya {on left hand}
FISHNET STOCKINGS by AviCandy w/ applier HUD for all MESH styles
CAGE by Lyrical B!zarre Templates from Elastic set {cage is rezzable}
AG – Underworld – Holster {on right thigh}
BODY by Maitreya Lara v3.5
SKIN by DeeTalez
POSE by NanTra

Model & Photographer: Petra L Alexander-Valerian©™
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October 17, 2015 – October 24, 2015

.PENUMBRA. highly anticipated Autumn/Winter Fashion Week 2015 consists of over 50 designers from across the grid, showcasing more than 280 outfits in 16 spectacularly produced shows, this fashion week is poised to be the foremost and unparalleled fashion event of the year!

Trouble Dethly, CEO of PENUMBRA, states that, “Our previous fashion weeks, while absolutely extraordinary, focused only on bringing in new and aspiring designers, as well as established ones. This fashion week we have evolved, as illustrated by the variety of our very talented designers. From formal to fantasy, casual to avant grade, even child to adult, the idea that fashion is infinite is clearly reflected by how limitless .PENUMBRA A/W FW15 will be.”

RAYNE COUTURE - GRUNGE & ROUGUE for .PENUMBRA. Event – by PetraLAlexander©™1 & 2. RAYNE COUTURE – Grunge and Rogue.  Grunge is a wooly, quirky dress to keep you warm all winter through, and goes awesome with our new Rogue boots that will walk you out of trouble wherever you are. Grunge dress comes in Brown, Pink, Grey and Purple. Rogue boots comes in Black, Blue, Brown, Green and Red.

1 & 2. RAYNE COUTURE – Grunge dress in Brown, Rogue boots in Green

HAIR BY Wasabi Pills – Midori in Pancake
MAKEUP by [mock] – Winged Vashsta Orgueil Rogue [eye, liner, lip 1]
HAT in hand by LaGyo – Miroslava simple hat in Brown
SUNGLASSES by Sascha’s – Jazz in Beige
SKIN by DeeTaleZ
BODY by Maitreya – Lara v3.4
POSE by Vestige

RAYNE COUTURE - BETTY for .PENUMBRA. Event – by PetraLAlexander©™

3. RAYNE COUTURE – BETTY is simply ravishing and racy. The outfit has a sizzling corset with a rose at the center of the sexy, low-cut bodice which sets the tone, while the gathered, swirling fabric of the skirt frames your legs beautifully. Discover your inner temptress in this bold number. Betty comes in Cream, Emerald and Red.

3. RAYNE COUTURE – Betty in Red

HAIR BY [RA] Jane – Essential w/ HUD changer for hair and hat
MAKEUP and MASK by VoguE (not available anymore)
STOCKINGS by AviCandy – Fishnet Stockings [All Styles] w/ Maitreya applier
GLOVES by Avanti™ – Noir Lace w/ Maitreya HUD
NAILS by ZOZ – Natural Single Heart Red Tip w/ Maitreya HUD
TATTOO by [White~Widow] – Midnight in Paris w/ Maitreya applier
SKIN by DeeTaleZ
BODY by Maitreya – Lara v3.4
POSE by !Bang

Expedition – Black – Bull Whip
Seven Emporium – 7 – Telescope Box
{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (pine) – no pillow

RAYNE COUTURE - BAD SECRETARY for .PENUMBRA. Event – by PetraLAlexander©™

4. RAYNE COUTURE – BAD SECRETARY is a playful attired outfit for all those office girls that have a naughty side! A modest long-sleeved blouse is offset by a top-
of-the-thigh mini skirt, which is just a bit daring for the office. Your secretary persona may be just plain bad at her job, or she may be just a bit naughty. You decide. Bad Secretary comes in Black/White,  Blue/Pink, Lemon/Aqua, Mustard/Purple and Navy/Red.

4. RAYNE COUTURE – Bad Secretary in Blue/Pink

HAIR BY Exile – Take Chances in Wildcards
MAKEUP by Madrid Solo – Beguiled – Eyes & Lips in Baby Pink and Blue
SHOES by Essenz – Sacramento in Yellow for Maitreya feet
SKIN by DeeTaleZ
BODY by Maitreya – Lara v3.4
HANDS by Slink in Flat
POSE by Apple Spice

Amala – The Pile o’ Books @ The Epiphany
BAZAR – Deluxe Study-Desk
!dM Vayne – Peacock Face Mask, plain 
Choker and leg cuffs


Model & Photographer: Petra L Alexander-Valerian©™
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HAIR FAIR 2015 – [RA] HARLEY – by PetraLAlexander©™

HAIR FAIR 2015 - [RA] HARLEY - by PetraLAlexander©™

👉Event: Hair Fair 2015
👉Timeline: July 11 – July 26th
👉Webpage for all info:

👉Hair Fair 2015 is here for charity until July 26th, you can
shop these amazing exclusives and a portion of all proceeds
will be donated towards Wigs for Kids! Four sims to explore,
shop, and for the cause!

” I’m having a BAD DAY! I’m sick of people trying to shoot me,
run me over or blow me up! ~ Harley Quinn, “Batman: The
Animated Series: Harley’s Holiday (#3.6)” (1994)

👉Hair by [RA] Harley Hair in Ombres & Roots

Make-up by Madrid-Solo – Whimsical Designs – Queen Day & Night
(upper only); Oceane – Diva Cat in Red
Bracelets by Pure Poison – Silver Naira Spiked
Nose piercing by Cute Poison – Ova
Collar by ZE – Brandy in black
Skirt by Insanya – Cora – PunkHC for Maitreya
Corset by Insanya in Red for Maitreya
Fishnet Stockings by AviCandy – [All Styles] w/ Maitreya HUD
Body by Maitreya – Lara V3.4
Skin by DeeTalz
Tattoo by [White~Widow] Midnight in Paris – Maitreya Mesh
Body, hands and feet
Adventure Gear – Underworld – holster w/ pistol MESH

Model & Photographer: Petra L Alexander©™